Gus G confirmed that he has left the band of Ozzy Osbourne

The guitar virtuoso from Greece Gus G, who played in the band of Ozzy Osbourne for almost 10 years, has confirmed that he has left the band of Ozzy Osbourne for good.

It was announced that Ozzy had reunited with his ex-guitarist Zakk Wylde for the series of summer concerts. However, the news was formulated in such a way that some considered the return of Zakk as a one-time event. However, soon Gus has published a farewell a thank-you letter to his ex-boss on his resource in the social network.

“It’s been an honor and a privilege to play with you in 2009”, – writes Gus. – “During this time, you’ve been nothing but good to me. Such an experience happens once in a lifetime.

Ozzy and Sharon (Sharon Osbourne, wife and manager of Ozzy), thanks for everything, I love you!

Blasco, Adam and Tommy – it was a pleasure to party with you!

As a fan, I was glad to see Ozzy and Zakk together again. It was high time for that!

Last but not least, thanks to all fans who showed love and support during all these years. See you soon!

Ozzy is cool!”

In the interview that happened between the publication of news about the reunion of Ozzy and Zakk and Gus’s thank-you letter, the guitarist commented the final turn in his career like that:

”Ozzy always gives his fans what they want, and I think that they’re eager to see Ozzy and Zakk together again, as Zakk is his classical guitarist. That’s how it meant to be. Well, and I’m quite busy with FIREWND and my solo project. I am very pleased, I worked great with him. I spent more than seven years in his band, and it was fantastic. I wish him good luck”.

In the nearest plans of Gus – the promotion of the new album of his own band FIREWIND “Immortals” that was released by Century Media in the beginning of this year. Particularly, the band will visit Russia for the first time with this album.

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