Gus G and Ozzy – successful duet

The frontman of FIREWIND, guitar virtuoso from Greece Gus G has collaborated with Ozzy Osbourne during the recording of his album “Scream”. It is known that the farewell tour of BLACK SABBATH “The End” ends in February, and after a short break Ozzy plans to start working on his next solo album. Gus G dreams of joining him. He says: “I’m looking forward to it. I don’t have any exact information on the date and time of recording, as the tour of BLACK SABBATH isn’t over yet. But Ozzy hinted that he wanted to record solo album, but he doesn’t know when it happens”.

When Gus was asked if he had enough time to work with Osbourne , given that he tours a lot both with Firewind and solo, he answered: “Of course! When Ozzy calls you and asks to work together, you’ll find time! Only a fool would deny him”.

Ozzy Osbourne has also commented on his future solo album: “As soon as Black Sabbath finishes its work, I will sit in the studio with the musicians and start to record the new songs. You’ll hear from me again! I can’t tell you when the new album will be ready. I don’t want to work on the songs of Black Sabbath and my own music at the same time. I have tried to do it during the Ozzfest, and it didn’t go so well”.

The last solo album of Ozzy Osbourne “Scream” was released in 2010 and had a good commercial success. After that, Ozzy didn’t released solo albums, as he spent all his time to Black Sabbath and the promotion of their new album “13” and of course, the farewell tour.

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