In 1998, the boy from Greece named Gus G took the first step towards success — he quit the Berkeley College, where he spent only a couple of weeks. Instead of studying, he decided to dedicate himself to music and formed a few metal bands. One of them was his main project— Firewind. Due to the impressive performances and a refined playing technique Gus received a proposal for cooperation from Ozzy Osbourne, and since 2009 he has been playing in his band. Nowadays, Gus devotes all his time to Firewind. Their eighth studio album was released in 2017. The young guitar virtuoso Gus G is so good that Ozzy Osbourne noticed him and asked him to be in his band.

The main band of Gus is Firewind. To develop this project, in 2005 Gus left the other groups he belonged to, included those he created himself. Gus G got his nickname from his American friends. Gus is a Greek-American variant of name Kostas, a shorter version of Konstantinos. The full name of Gus was too long and almost unpronounceable for Americans.

In 2002, Firewind released his debut album “Between Heaven And Hell”, while Fredrick was the co-author of his most compositions. Apart from their own materials, the band included the cover of Scorpions “Pictured Life”, and the song “Who Am I?” used the fragment of Bach’s violin concert. Since Konstantin and Harris couldn’t participate in the tour, the rhythm section had to be replaced. The new members of Firewind were Greek bass guitarist Petros Cristo and the Norwegian drummer Stian Kristoffersen. In this configuration, the team recorded the second album. However, despite his promises, Fredrick didn’t go on the tour. He was replaced by the singer from Sri Lanka Chitral Somapala. At the same time, the keyboardist Bob Katsionis came to the band.

Promotional Photos for Gus G (Photo by Joe Lester)

After the Japanese tour with Rob Rock, the updated composition has recorded another studio album, “Forded By Fire”. While in the time of “Between Heaven And Hell” and “Burning Earth” the band just started to earn an underground fan base, the release of this album of Firewind attracted the attention of a wide metal audience.

However, the success of the album didn’t help to address the personnel issue, and the next candidate for elimination was Somapala. This time, Gus G decided to invite his countryman Apollo Papathanasio. Meanwhile, to focus all energies in one place, Kristoffersen was fired. The drummer was replaced by the English veteran of hard-and-heavy Mark Cross, living in Greece. It seemed that the staffing problems were eliminated, but to strengthen the influence of Firewind, Gus decide to officially leave Dream Evil, Mystic Prophecy and Nightrage, where he had still worked.

In 2006, the band released an album “Allegiance”, reflecting the dynamics of the traditional heavy with a focus on the speed, technicality and catchy melodies. The album spent six weeks in the national top 20, and even “looked into” the top 10. Given this success, Gus tried to retain personnel, and the band recorded the next album in the same configuration as “Allegiance”.

Two years later, Century Media Records released the album “The Premonition”, recorded in Sweden with the producer Fredrik Nordström.

In May 2009, Firewind with the bands Stratovarius and Eden’s Curse gave several concerts in Great Britain and Ireland. After that, they played at such festivals as Metal Dayz in Switzerland, Rock Hard in Germany, Graspop in Belgium and Tuska in Finland. For the whole year, the band gave only one concert in Greece, Firewind played with Scorpions and Dokken at the festival Creta in Crete.

On August 17, 2010, the band released the single “World On Fire”. It was sold in the online stores for paid downloading. The new album called ”Days Of Defiance” was released on October 6, 2010 in North America, and on October 25, 2010 in all the other countries on the label Century Media.

In May 2012, the band released the single “Wall of Sound”, and shortly afterwards- the album “Few Against Many”. In summer 2012, the band went on the tour of Europe. In 2013, the band celebrated its tenth anniversary and said goodbye to the vocalist Apollo Papathanasio.